KnowleBox® Model P

KnowleBox® Model P

Size: WxDxH: 32x21x23 cm

Material: PVC+ aluminum+mdf board

Positions: Horizontal

Bluetooth connection

Re-chargable battery


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6 ways to open the box using our app KnowleBox, satisfy all family and parenting needs.

  • Always on: can open it any time
  • Time Intervals: can open it only during specified time intervals and specified days of the week
  • Redeem Points: Earn points by good behaviors or doing assigned tasks, and redeem the points to open the box
  • Redeem Points during Time Intervals: Redeem points earned to open the box during specified time intervals and specified days of the week.
  • Finish Assigned Tasks: can open the box after the assigned tasks are finished.
  • Finish Assigned Tasks during Time Intervals: Can open the box after the assigned tasks are finished, and only during specified time intervals and specified days of the week
For Parenting For Learning For Family Fun
  • Parents no longer need to hide the tablets and chips, just put them inside the Knowlebox! Kids know what they need to do to get rewarded for the tablets & chips.
  • Parents can work with kids to set up categories for adding points or deducting points.
  • Parents can select from our skill libraries and assign tasks for kids to do and earn points. These tasks can be academic learning tasks, social skill tasks, positive behaviors, or physical exercise etc.
  • Parents can put the rewards in the KnowleBox. Kids can redeem the points and open the KnowleBox by themselves without hassling parents to open the box.
  • The rewards can be candies, toys, controlled Access such as TV remote, Game Control, tablets, or simply a hand-written note specifying taking the kids to a park, restaurant, or a museum etc.
  • Kids can download age-appropriate ebooks, learning games, and finish age appropriate tasks.
  • Parents can use the Knowlebox app to download activities about local museums, zoos and parks before a trip. These activities contain educational ebooks, games and quizzes. Parents can also subscribe to our KnowleKids Local Learning Maps™ that are linked with these activities. These will ensure the kids know what they need to discover at our outing so they can complete the quizzes afterwards.
  • Parents can subscribe to out KnowleKids Holiday Activities Page that are linked with ebooks and games, as well as family crafts and games for the holidays. Kids need to read the history of the holiday before they can open the KnowleBox for the gifts.
  • Can buy accessories such as lighting, themed stickers, flowers to decorate the box.
  • Can buy accessories such as shelves to store and display items such as toys, trophies, or snacks.
  • Can select family games/pop quizzes from our library, whoever won the most points can open the box and get the rewards in the box.
  • Can let a family member answer some questions , or watch some family videos before he can open the box to get the gifts.
  • Family members can encourage and monitor each other’s health and good habits by storing the vices( such as sweeties, snacks, TV remote, game control etc.) in the KnowleBox. The Knowlebox can be put outside or inside the refrigerator.
  • Can be used to store general controlled item, such as medications.
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