The World’s First GPS-based Knowledge Hunt Games Platform

Turns Everyday Moments into Natural Learning Opportunities, at Home & Outdoors.

  • These GPS based Knowledge Hunt games will be available in parks, museums, zoos, shopping malls or cities.
  • Age-appropriate tasks & activities based on surroundings will be assigned to each member of the family.
  • Members can finish their tasks, earn points, badges or clues.
  • Winners will be decided by points earned or badges collected.
  • Each game has several learning topics for kids 3-12, we’ll have ebooks, games & quizzes for these topics and we’ll also offer online classes to cover these learning topics.
  • Knowledge Hunt Games can help foster a child’s curiosity, and good learning habits. They also provides good topics for parents & kids to discuss during the outings.
  • There are initially about 50 San Francisco Bay Area Kids Attractions to choose from. Other locations will be made based on demand.

More Than 30 Templates to Make Engaging Tasks & Activities

Sample Knowledge Hunt Game: Monterey Bay Fisherman's Wharf to Lover's Point

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Choose from following list of Knowledge Hunt Games around the San Francisco Bay Area. You can also submit your requests for other locations.

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Submit your requests for new locations of Knowledge Hunt Games, we will decide whether to make them based on the number of interests.

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